Shadow to Shining: Solstice to Spring

January 15, 2019

If you identify as a healer, guide or teacher, how can you ever share a journey to light if you have never experienced the shadow?

Truly sat in the shadow?

Not ran from it. That dark horror.

Not mantra'd your way to that Miss or Mr Sunshine facade.

But sat there and accepted it all.

Sat in the darkest recesses of suffering.

Submerged at the bottom of the ocean where no light can reach.

Let every crack open wide until the pieces no longer hold together but they fall completely apart. Accepted every shadow. And embraced it.


This is the journey of the healer.


How can you know and empathise with others' suffering if you have never been there yourself?

How can you know the treadholds on the path that will allow steps forward, if you have not searched for those yourself?

How can you advise on finding a place of peace if you have never experienced the teeth grinding destruction of self, the collapse of the world around you and the dark (k)night of the soul and the journey you had to make to out of that hell hole? 


This is the journey of the awakener.


The December Solstice to the eclipse portal brought back many shadows from the deep. New events, old memories, all sorts of horrors resurfacing.  We have needed to be able to sit here. All final layers and distractions removed so that we can sit in the dark and the silence. So we can hear and see.


What do we still need to own?

What people, situations and patterns are ours?

Who and what are we still bringing in because it is 'our' (including ancestral, soul group etc) pattern/trauma/wound to heal?

And what isn't ours?

Whose issues have we taken on as our own?

Have we allowed ourselves to take on others' shadows? Have we become covered over with layer and layer of cobweb, like spider's prey being bundled for supper? Has this covered our mouths and ears to what is really going on? Hindered us from remembering who we really are and what we came here to do? All that noise and bluster.


Sitting in the dark allows us to SEE more clearly. We no longer see the illusions others are wishing us to see. instead we can really tune into the vibrations of everything around us. Our instinct and gut. Our North Star and guidance.


The overwhelm of modern society can keep you occupied with the complete mundane for many years of your life. Applying boundaries and a filter of discernment as a daily task can positively support your own continued journey of self healing and balance.


If you have been spending time in shadow: this is time spent well. Many 'skins', layers, patterns have been shed and are being cleared. This will immediately have an impact on your manifestations. Take some more time through to the eclipse and beyond to consider your daily habits and living environment - whether these reflect any new decisions you have made and support your highest ideals, intentions and wishes for your present and future life. As you make friends with your shadow and integrate this with the increasing light, you become whole, and you become more radiant.


Your new path without interference from the old is being sown. Nurture those seeds - one day at a time, water your new ways and habits. The light is increasing.

Keep going and trust. As always, much love.
















Only then can 

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