Clearing continues

January 3, 2019

We are still working our way through clearing dense energetic patterns and habits. If you identify as someone who has been anchoring new energies but also clearing for the collective, go easy on yourself as the energy is still intense. The calendar dates don't always match our 'new year'.

You may still be experiencing exhaustion and feeling release through this fatigue, anxiety and feeling stuck within the fog that has yet to clear.

Dreams show that new information, knowledge and wisdom that has previously been locked away and inaccessible for some reason will begin to reveal itself more through the coming weeks. This will bring you prosperity and enable you to take bolder steps of action on your new path.


If old paths, people and situations are falling away, this is for a reason. Allow it to happen and trust those that serve your highest path will either remain or come in.

We are embodying our true selves and information from the galactic family will be incoming.

For those choosing to move forward in service to others, allow the old to flush through and rest to integrate the new and purify and dissolve any remaining baggage you may still be carrying.

Things will improve and the new is still revealing itself. Listen to your dream guidance.





















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