The ebb and flow of the new energies

December 27, 2018


Part of integrating all that has been shown to you in the past year is going with the ebb and flow of the tide. 🌊

One day may feel different to the next - one able to look through the unity lens of us all as a community, each doing the best we can; able to work on soul mission with purpose, presence, compassion, having learnt from the clarity that was afforded to you. ✨

The next, greater care and healing may be needed. You might feel deeply exhausted again after what seemed a surge of energy.

You probably, by now, feel like you have gained a much clearer understanding of what was really going on through the year, seeing beyond facades, words and projections. Or at least sifting through these: understanding what was really going on behind the scenes.

It is always better to be working from an understanding of the truth, even if it brings pain. Remember as the light increases, it always highlights furthers shadows that may have been previously hidden. 🌄

It is safe to reflect and learn from these experiences, and indeed, very necessary.

But please do not dwell or worry that you will remain in such a swell, as the next day can bring you back to the shore and to your desires, the infinite possibilities and all that will be by your side to support your path.

As long as you remain in your truth, those that know you by heart, and who are still important for the next stages of your journey, will remain. 💜

Let your own integrity and truth speak for itself.

Much love 💗 



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