Destined meetings

May 30, 2018

The wait is over for many. The months and the years of stagnation, gives way to lightening strikes.  Old timelines have collapsed and come together, cleared by the storms, the full moon and the intense cleansing energies.


As much as I do not hold weight to great declarations about many, many reunions taking place at a certain time, this is indeed the information I received under the full moon. A starting signal if you like, of what is to come.


Whether this is the first time in the physical that divine partners will meet, or they will be drawn back together once more after earlier physical interludes, the time has begun and is strongly supported by the universal energies. One of the partners may still be confused and apparently not awake to the connection, but the magnetic pull and pre-destined energies will be strongly drawing partners back to each other as the old patterns, fears, habits and conditions collapse.


The masculine aspect has been working and has contributed his energies to the shared energy of the masculine and feminine. You may be shown this in colours, which may be connected to the ray you have brought in and the work you will be doing together.


Continue to do your work of surrender and release, trusting in the timing and sending love and you will feel these new earth waves as a sense of bliss. Any emotions that need hearing, healing and releasing may have come up at this full moon to allow for the path ahead.


Wishing you all love 🌈⚡️💫



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