An earthly crunch point: ego versus soul song

April 28, 2018

More people face increasingly challenging times, events and emotions and battle to work through the purpose and meaning of them. 


Those that carry predominantly the masculine energy may be feeling this acutely right now. Whether they are aware of it or not, this is a crisis of spirit, the dark night, where all previously hidden fears, regrets, anger, jealousy or sadness can no longer be buried.


This can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Dreams, awakened memories and feelings continue to bring forward realisations of times the soul’s desires have been overridden, when the connection to deep passions were set aside to pursue love outside of the self; the times when the need to control, to submit to fear and let it lead the way, to overpower intuition, and - most of all - at its core, every time the connection to the earth, and to each other was abandoned. These memories may stretch far back, a memory carried within the soul from many lives past. 


The masculine energy within us and those carrying this energy strongly, are particularly grappling and judging these situations harshly. The will to start anew and move past these times with fresh eyes is there. But there is fear and doubt over whether it will be trusted.


The feminine energy bearers play an important role in holding space for the masculine right now.


To hold, hear and listen.

To believe in their will to move forward and to not repeat these patterns.

To forgive if it’s called for.

To bring into balance these energies and walk forward with knowing that soul must lead now.

To honour our connection to the earth and to each other.

To hold the light for those that feel they are sinking in the shadows.

To sing as loudly as we can. Without fear and without judgement.

To let our soul fly and destroy the bird cages.

To hold the space for those whose cages keep them held in for now.

They have been watching the birds above.


They are preparing to fly.


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