Call for extra clearing and protection

April 11, 2018

Energy Clearing and Extra Shielding and Protection crucially important at this time.


Dream work reminded me last night of the continued work of the shadows - whether this is people with lower vibrational agendas or the shadow aspects of the masculine and feminine energies using power, manipulation and fear-based control - to 'tap', drain and block the work or the awakening of those who are aligning, or are already aligned, with their true soul's purpose and to work within light-filled fields.


As the intense energies are forcing more and more people to face fears and deeply buried traumas, it is more crucial than ever to ensure you clear your energy, cut energetic chords and visualise extra shielding and protection on a daily basis.


As Devyani Singh details below the practice of divine gifts have previously led to the severe persecution and death; and the trauma from this may still be held and preventing those who hold the lightest vibration of the feminine to rise again or reveal their true gifts. There are those that are actively trying to prevent this rise also through use of fear and control, draining the energy of those on this path. Please do review your protective practices with a view to ensuring you are calling in extra protection right now.


Isis Channellings whose post I have shared below is offering services to provide energetic clearings, and if you feel drawn to do so, I highly recommend her work. Her writings highly resonate with me and what I am receiving at the moment.




Sending blessings x

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