Colours of the new dawn

April 8, 2018

Have you ever visited unfamiliar locations in your dreams? More than once? I have always enjoyed revisiting these places in dreams, sometimes flying there.


Last night I was reminded of the beautiful colours streaming in with the new energies this Spring: pink and gold. I had flown somewhere to be shown the half night sky peppered with these vibrant gold and pink skies a few weeks ago.

Sat high on a grassy hill, I was looking down again on these beautiful colours across a river and bridge. Only today did I realise I had been looking down on a very familiar location. 

I took the photo below of Florence: a place of special significance for me. It seems fitting to be reminded of these energies being evident in a place I consider one of my soul homes.


Yellow representing new light and transformation of our shadows, and the pink of the Christ consciousness, a new unity thinking for all, dissolution of the human fight for only the self and separation thinking.


Have any of you also experienced these colours in your meditations, messages or dreams? Yellow and gold certainly have been mentioned many times by people I know describing the new codes and energies we are receiving.


Do you ever visit places in dreams that you do not recall from your waking hours?

Do you know your way around these places? Have you noticed a pattern to when you may visit these places and any subsequent messages or synchronicities in the following days?





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