New beginnings

April 1, 2018


In line with the story that Christians are celebrating today, these past few days may have brought to your memories of past betrayals and hurts, from lives past or the present, for recognition and therefore release. 


The Blue Moon has brought up further deeper hurts and traumas to be released from your deepest histories, and for old phases to pass. Note any clues to these in your dreams and notice these patterns in your waking life.


This time you can hear these signs with greater awareness and respond from a different place. Take care not to respond from a place of fear or react to others who are, and create your new beginning by responding from a new place.


It’s time for a new start, a birth, a rebirth. The rebirth of the feminine spirit is being strongly supported by those carrying the divine masculine energies. Keep focussed on your path and your heart’s desires, for success is shining on your path ahead. New creative projects, romance, a new home or job are all starred.  Keep feathering your nest, there is still work to be done but it will be so worth it for there is greater expansion to be done, including of the spiritual.




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