Spring Cleaning required. Dream Symbol: The Attic

March 27, 2018


Houses in dreams direct you to focus on different areas in life. Last night, the focus was clearly the attic, indicating the need for a clear energetic clearing of the higher mind, the subconscious, the spiritual connection to higher self and aligning your higher ideals with your actions in waking life. 


You may be feeling overwhelmed with ideas and initiatives at the moment, driven by the new Aries energies that have come in. But this may feel like freewheeling in circles, like a car spinning on its wheel. The overwhelm, confusion or fogginess surrounding you may be to do with the need to clear out belief systems, spiritual teachings or teachers, religious or faith structures that no longer resonate or outdated dreams and belongings connected to the old that need to be released to allow for a clearer direction for the new.  


Spare some time this Easter to go through the dreams and ideas that you are still holding onto, with the intent to now release which is no longer needed, and focus down on those dreams which are the priority and can become your top initiatives this year. You hold skills and knowledge that are maybe still hidden treasures, but will become something crucial to be communicated and taught to others who are only just awaking to their true selves.


Feel your way to what these treasures are hidden in your attic, and take steps to bring them out into the open and into your metaphorical living room during this fortuitous Spring energetic time.


Much love 🌈💜


Image from The Akashic Tarot, Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor

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