Post Solar Eclipse Messages for Relationships and New Pathways

August 23, 2017

Florence and the Machine: Heartlines

Oh the river, oh the river, it's running free
And oh the joy, oh the joy it brings to me
But I know it'll have to drown me
Before it can breathe easy

And I've seen it in the flights of birds
I've seen it in you the entrails of the animals
The blood running through, but in order to get to the heart
I think sometimes you'll have to cut through, but you can't

We will carry, We will carry you there


On the sea, on the sea and land over land
Creeping and crawling like the sea over sand
Still I follow heartlines on your hand

This fantasy, this fallacy, this tumbling stone
Echoes of a city that's long overgrown
Your heart is the only place that I call home
Can I be returned, you can 
You can, we can


What a thing to do
Oh-woah-oh what a thing to choose
But know, in some way I'm there with you
Up against the wall on a Wednesday afternoon.


The river is running forward now and there is a sign that the time is now right for divine partnerships to move forward. This may seem challenging if appearances on the surface do not seem to indicate this at the time being, but hold tight and move forward with your own soul path and ‘Just keep following the Heartlines on your hand’.


The upgrades from the 26 July, through the New Moon, the Lion’s Gate and through to the solar eclipse, have downloaded and are being digested. As I have written about before, this was shown to me in terms of a piano. The keys were much larger and the whole piano was impressive, I felt so lucky to be able to own and play this. We are re-positioning ourselves now to adjust to our new upgrades and play these new 'keys' of life to create our life of harmony, peace and abundance.


The feminine has been creating, holding and sending beautiful vibrations of love that the masculine has been receiving and this has been dissolving his (and therefore her’s too) darkness as climb they ascension path. He may feel awash with the fallout and depth of emotions from this process.

The feminine’s time, nurturance and creative and spiritual dedication spent on growing their spiritual home has blossomed and the masculine is beginning to receive signs and learn about this true source and bounty. This investment has given birth to new ways of communicating, the feminine’s dedication, faith and positive outlook, the sending of harmonious vibrations has assisted the masculine energy to upgrade his extra sensory powers of perception as well as his receptivity. This has also allowed both to better and handle the push and pull dynamics, stop and starts to the process of union. I suggest using music and soujnd to continue healing, meditation and communication.


Former issues within family as well as other relationships may be coming to the head during this retrograde window, resulting in expressions of anger and/or truths that may be communicated in ways never experienced before. This may surprise all involve and is an important part of healing family lineages - getting to the bare bones of situations, and the removal of all the ‘crap’ that has covered the truth of the matter before.


Meanwhile, what may seem as confusion and darkness following many changes and reflections made on our past and way forward, is actually an emerging future path for you to follow. You can begin building new roads that will take you to your next stage in life, and in doing so, you may be involved in creating records and maps for others to follow, who are also on the same path but may seem further behind. You now hold keys, codes and co-ordinates that will help many others who are seeking their ‘treasures’.


As others have also written about, there has been a unification of timelines - past relationships from present and past lifetimes may surface for final resolution. But your one true partner is going to win at the game of ‘love’. Conditions are right for these new beginnings and the masculine has been receiving upgrades in terms of their sexuality.


Please allow some more time before you take grand decisions on your new path to allow for more information to come forward on how to organise the logistics and way forward. These details are still being worked upon through the retrograde period and give you time to focus on visualising your ideal way forward, which you will be able to take forward over the next four to five months. Allow all emotions to flow without judgement. Keep your heart in faith and on what you wish to happen, in spite of what is happening on the physical plane and use this post solar eclipse window to work on manifestation. We are in a new world and it will take some time for more truths and old practices to fall apart. Stay with love and journal all messages you may receive now in your dreams, songs, synchronicities and conversations with recurring themes.


I wish you love and, as always, only take what resonates for you here.

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