August 1, 2017


Musical instruments hold particular significance in dreams. Many years ago when I began my meditation practice, we were asked to take note of a significant dream that week to discuss at our next circle. I dreamt of playing the piano and learnt its special meaning.

I was on the road in front of my grandmother's old flat. Grandmother symbolises the connection to spirit and higher understanding, the divine (whatever you prefer to call it) and the road symbolises the journey. In the middle, there sat a piano. I had always wanted to play, and my grandmother, in waking life, had taught me the basics. My grandmother had also been very close to me in life, her birthday was the day after mine, and she was also a Leo. If you remember from my post yesterday, the lion is extremely important at the moment.

I began to play.

Suddenly all around me in the sky there were hands, clapping my performance. The piano symbolises the 'keys to life' and they were applauding my willingness to play and discover my own keys to life. I was truly beginning my more 'awakened' journey.

We are all on a journey, we do not have to be 'awakened' or not, it is not a spiritual ego matter, but how you interpret and 'read' what your eyes observe is what makes all the difference to how consciously you navigate your road. The universe is always speaking, and your higher self is always guiding you, we just need to relearn or recognise the language.

I was reminded of this earlier dream by my messages last night. Joining a duet to make a trio (divine harmony, divine master assistance) of musicians, with the violin being the main instrument this time. The violin symbolises peace and harmony in waking life. The message highlighted what I had already been reflecting on the day before. We are in a process of being pushed to honour the true wishes of the soul and not the ego, so that we can be truly happy in our waking hours.

Where do you spend time serving the ego, such as making money for status or doing activities only to make money and not because they make us happy? All the masks of the ego are being ripped down from us, anything that does not serve us, and the symbol of the tower in the tarot is significantly showing itself as the prevalent energy at the moment.

Can you feel where you wear a mask in life? You may have gotten used to wearing many to please others or fit into situations. Are your true soul's desires speaking to you in your dreams? Your emotional reactions to people, places and situations? Where can you move towards playing the violin in your life? Honouring your true desires? Listen carefully and record whatever you hear. For the the You-niverse will be speaking!

Prego x

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