NEW MOON IN LEO: Step into the sunlight, innovate and light the way

August 1, 2017

"The symbolic meaning of lions, as one might imagine, primarily deals with strength.

The fact that it is a nocturnal creature means that the lion is a symbol of authority and command over subconscious thought (as night is an ancient symbol of the subconscious - or dream states)." credit


As we move from this day to the Lion's Gate on 8.8, the symbol of the lion is being shown so strongly in dreams and in waking life that I could roar. Lion, the symbol of strength, loyalty and leadership. The true 'I AM'.


Talk of this being the time of the third wave of people 'waking up' and becoming aware of their ascension path has been common, but a few days ago I saw them so clearly in a dream. Thinking they were still sound asleep in the school attic (spiritual connection and place of learning) I was startled by the synchronised sudden opening of eyes and slowly rising heads and shoulders. I also saw the many souls leaving who were not wishing to ascend.


Underlying this is a deep and repetitive clarion call for action. For me, it is to write. I will begin to write how the dreams and signs became woven together for me at the beginning, as it may help others understand what is happening for them, what their symbols mean and how to build their own symbol dictionary.


And for you? Is it also writing? Maybe it's astrology, tarot, massage, reiki, being an excellent listener, teacher, artist, musician or all sorts of new skills and talents that are coming forth. Where haven't you stepped out yet? If you feel that you have been on your journey with more conscious eyes for a while, you will have many experiences and wisdom that will help others.


Can you remember how bewildering the path can be (and still is!) whilst learning to recognise which are the jigsaw puzzle pieces to put together, to be aware of patterns and signs which provide you with keys on your way. That feeling of being on a runaway rollercoaster. You are being urged to collect your many talents and all your gusto to put your hand to help those now on their way. It is no longer time to play small. Or to be quiet about your experiences. Many need your light now.

Blessings x


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