Dream channelling for April

April 5, 2017



I have been guided to share some elements of a dream I had explaining the current and forthcoming April energies, which holds message for more than just myself.  I will relay the immediate story as I was shown before my interpretation, to allow for others to receive what they need from the symbols.


There is a square blanket of snow beside a church and countryside.  There is a couple looking at a person here too.  I am explaining that having to go through all these trials is  helping explain all the connections.  The person is holding repressed trauma, represented by the snow.  The couple are there to help release the trauma, it is an agreement that has been made. I'm told all the wood is burning and the church spire and bells has tumbled.

The couple are the balance of the masculine and the feminine (both within, and as partnerships in union) working together on the human self to help release this trauma, that will still be driving patterns of behaviour.  So deeply buried, that the human aspect is probably aware it is doing so or has been unwilling to look at it.  The time is now to uncover this.  Our old patterns and selves are being literally transformed through complete destruction, illumination, purification, passion and/or anger.  New is entering.  Old spiritual beliefs, teaching and partnerships are also passing.  The snow cannot survive this, all is being revealed.


I'm at my grandmother's flat with others with whom I had been at a party, and they had decided to continue through the night. I kept finding broken glass all over the floor, and even though I thought I had swept it all up, I had found even more. I had gone to bed. I thought my phone would be safe by my twin bed in this unknown bedroom but I discovered photos on my  phone that had been taken of what the others had been doing when I was asleep. They included photos of my parents, a blender, flowers and fruit, all supposed to be little pranks they had been up to.  I didn't ask how they had ended up on my phone when I had had it by my bed and my door presumably locked for a while.  But it came to my attention that a young man, named Edith, who was now going to be giving  me a lift to work, and not the person who had been, had climbed up and made his way in through the window. Edith had been easily hurt by relationships in the past and his hair had gone from bright blonde to dirty brown.  He had been rather large and pale in the past, but had really slimmed down and was now in a small musical band which respected him.

Former illusions, particularly spiritual in nature, are shattering.  Former emotional barriers are being broken down completely. Old groupings of spiritual connections may be dissipating as everything is breaking down and many are requiring the isolation, the rest and removal from others' energy.  This time is allowing for our higher selves, guide and dreams to manifest the fruits of our labours, the coming season where our seeds can bloom and for the allowance of love and joy.

The name Edith means riches or to be blessed and war - reinforcing the message of the communications coming through 'the dimensions' (the window) and through our barriers, to tell of the riches and blessings that can come from the trials which have tarnished our inner and outer light at times, from repeated disappointment and disillusionment. We have let go of a lot of emotional baggage already and are now more in tune with our true selves and path. These riches will come from our continued path of work, service and teaching.  


Towards the end of the dream, I was flying high over Hawaii on a large bird, viewing all though taking great rest and recuperation in the sea beds.  On the top of the high cliff, a family were enjoying the town and the mother was guessing the climb up the path would be 50 steps.

Hawaii is known to be a location of a very strong energy centre, more specifically the focal point is in the ocean that has been described as a door to another dimension. Some also say that Hawaii is the heart chakra and this heart frequency enables Lemurian memories. Tying in with this time is Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiin healing ceremony that is taking place on April 21st. It is inviting all to clear blocked energy, trauma and wounds converting negtiive energy to positive, and to a deepened interconnection.  This year, the ceremony is being intertwined with Earth Day to symbolise achieving balance within ourselves and the earth.  Soar high above the earthly and energetic healing as best you can, keeping the high view. The family on the cliff with the number 50 - also shows we are being guided to take steps on our healing journey.


More information on the ceremony can be found on ww.malamapono.life.


I really felt his dream matched my song 'earworm' of a few weeks now and so I have combined it with this post.  Indeed it is about the condor flying high.


Please contact me with any further questions or comments and whether these symbols bring up anything in particular for you.  I send love for your journey. 





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