Solar Eclipse 26 February 2017: Revealing and piecing together of more of the Jigsaw

February 23, 2017

Like a spider's web suddenly illuminated by the moon, there are now links and connections being brought to light that are essential for your forward journey and mission.


I recommend listening to David Lawrence Palmer's video (Leo King) about the coming solar eclipse. He eloquently discusses the current energies that are asking us to reflect and release remaining shadow areas, blocks and past hurts whilst also moving forward with fortitude on our path.  These blocks are needing to be removed in order for us to fully connect with those that are destined to be working with us in the future.


I have been blown away by the increasing speed at which dream information, synchronicities, numbers, patterns, divinely orchestrated meet ups/partners/soul mates are connecting to draw together or bring forward


formerly unseen or unknown information.  Mysteries and deep wounds from past lives are being made known through dreams and messages from people in your waking life.  Blocks to the feminine energy moving forward more boldly are pleading to be released. Events and relationships that have formerly created fear in the feminine are being revealed on a deeper level.  The masculine is truly opening up to wider truths and is willing to assist in a way maybe he was unable to previously.


Listen carefully.


Note every pattern.


Every resonance.


Every number sequences. 


Coincidence.  It is not.


Where are being guided?  Pick up every jigsaw puzzle.  Do not be afraid to mention these to others when you so feel guided. They will provide you with another piece of the puzzle.


The bigger picture is becoming clearer.  The pieces are connecting together. 


Note your dreams. They hold deep significance. Look beyond the surface symbols.  Write, write, write the messages and see what comes.  What synchronicities are brought to you. The universe is calling with a deepening voice right now. Feel and release whatever may arise without reservation. Be ready to see right into the matrix.

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