Twin Flames: Freeing the Flying Monkeys

December 27, 2016

The latest universal energies pushing all to awaken have been deeply felt by many who have been on this path a for a long time. Personally I have been on a level of exhaustion not felt for a while. There are many articles recently published covering some of the emotional and physical symptoms you may be experiencing during this period, including being pushed back to face deep core traumas and fears as we release all old programming.


Some guidance came in the form  of a Christmas card message to show


what this season is truly pushing twin flames towards.


Twins have been equipped with their tools of gold to build their 'home', their Emerald City  and the outcome of the alchemical process, outlined in the Thoth's Emerald Tablet, of transforming ourselves into gold, and truly describing the twin flame process. See Dennis William Hauck's The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy of Personal Transformation for further information on the different phases and for guided meditations and dream symbols associated with each stage.


The masculine and feminine can combine these tools now to work in balance to build their home together. They must begin to use their tools in unity, it is part of the harmonisation phase. The monkey mind, the 'flying monkeys' - fears, pain, hurt, paranoias, traumas - are being triggered, felt, experienced - to be truly released from the circus. If you are able to work with this energy, do not avoid what is coming up for you but observe, feel, release, this period is serving to finally release the monkeys. I saw a positive outcome, where I proclaimed: "The monkeys have gone. They've left the circus."


And so it is. Let it be so. Blessings all.  

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