New Moon Solar Eclipse 1 Sept 16: Reclaiming Source Power and Establishing Dream Partnerships

August 31, 2016

Original Source Gifts

This second of the eclipses is strongly pushing us to listen carefully to the messages we are receiving regarding skills, talents and abilities that we may have utilised as far back as we can imagine, but have been long buried under ego shields, defences, rationalisations and deep fears. As the eclipses continue to shout in our ears at night about the layers that need to be stripped down and finally released, so they are turning to shine a true light on our original gifts from source, and from our very source.


Signs and Synchronicities

Take care to note any significant dream messages - even when not immediately obvious in meaning, and remain conscious to any signs and synchronicities which bring you the same message. This is a powerful time to remain focused on our desires and we are being supported in this through dream information relating to our original wisdom and practices which facilitate their manifestation.


Confirmations may also come from loved ones who may mention certain dream 'code words' without knowing their symbolism, unexpected and routine events in our waking lives. 


Establishing dream partnerships

This can be an extremely rewarding path to try but may take patience and trial and error. If you are a twin flame, working with other twins in this way and during this time is extremely powerful. Most importantly, discuss this idea with someone who you trust implicitly and is open to dream and meditation work. This should be somebody who resonates with you.


Suggested steps to begin:

1. Both of you should set the intention during reflective or meditative time to give permission to connect with the other soul during dream time and that any messages shared will be for the highest good of all. Remember to thank your higher self/guides/other references who resonates with you for keeping you protected at all times during this work.


2. Agree on which evenings both of you will connect during dream work and the time. Set the intention that you will be woken by the dream information at the appropriate time in order for you to record. Discuss which themes in particular you wish to try dream soul work on, though just trying to connect initially will be all you probably need to focus on.


3. One of you only may receive information to start. Again, these beginnings in dream work are often just about setting intentions and moving forward using your own intuition on developing your own methods depending on results.


I have successfully enabled connection like this previously, although it is incredibly important that conscious permission of both are given. Equally this hasn't always worked initially, but the beginning steps did open a channel between myself and another to enable that person to receive information later, when it was important in timing and content. Source will bring you both what you need when you are ready. Showing willlingness to learn more about your original gifts will open the doorway to this communication either in terms of receiving this information directly yourself, or from another who can support this process, and vice versa.


Wishing you many dreamtime blessings x


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