Eclipses: clearing the old using your dreams (twin flame tools)

August 16, 2016

The first of 3 eclipses awaits us, with the first being this Thursday 18th August. This provides a powerful portal for us to be proactive in using our dreamworld to receive guidance on what needs healing and clearing and to actively participate in this clearing during dream time. This tool is particularly important for twinflames, who can facilitate clearing for their twins also. 


Suggested steps:


1. During meditation or quiet time before sleep, clear your mind and connect and ground yourself, or whichever meditative tools you use.


2. Turn your focus to state in your mind, what you wish to achieve during sleep including the affirmation that you will wake up when having received the information in order for you to record it.  Affirm that you will receive dream knowledge on areas that require healing and clearing to allow space for the new. This may include present or past life situations and relationships that come up for release.


3. State that you are open to use dream time to actively participate in clearing of these areas that may be blocking your path to receiving your desires. For twin flames, state that you wish to work on blockages also in your twin's energy,  if it is in the highest good.


4. Express gratitude for receiving this information, and thank your guides, or whichever source you hold to, and remember to record whatever you receive without trying to interpret it initially. Just receive the symbols.  You may wish to affirm that you will realise the significance of the dream when you're having it so can consciously participate in it as in a lucid dream.  Within an example of mine, as I faced many different faces who had trapped me over several lifetimes, I asked for Archangel Michael's protection who was able to release me from each situation and therefore for me to clear these soul memories and vibrations quickly.  


5. The full moon is a powerful time to practise the art of any releasing and letting go so it an ideal time to try this out. Do not get disheartened if nothing happens initially. Once your 'higher self' recognises you are listening to the guidance and signs, you will find you will receive more and more.  You may also find that you experience examples of the situations and dynamics you are releasing in your waking life - this is the vibration being released from your energy. You may be presented with the old pattern to be faced and overcome in a conscious manner during your daily life or become more aware how this old pattern holds true within your present relationships.


6. Take time to rest and drink lots of water.  Good luck and let me now how you get on!


#eclipses #portal #dreams #fullmoon #twinflames




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