Listen closely to dreams when visiting new locations: premonitions; soul retrieval and healing

August 13, 2016


My last three most significant overseas trips proved to be fruitful for many reasons, but the dreams that were triggered whilst there were my greatest treasure.  Each location provided different types of dreams: 


Bali, the country where I was told my Venus was located (did you know that your astrological chart can extrapolated onto a world map? I didn't!), brought me dreams in which I was introduced to someone who has been, and will continue to be, incredibly significant in my life and showed me the next steps on the ascension journey;


Turkey, the land where I worked on deepening my work with Kali but a place where I had never felt comfortable, brought me healing through greater understanding of a misinterpreted dream I'd had in Bali two years earlier as well bringing forward explanations of why I had always found it difficult to visit Turkey given my past life history with the country;


Cuba, with its history of violence, invasion, and power and control, brought to the surface these remaining unhealed issues within me in a dream.  I was also shown aspects I had 'killed' off to protect myself after trauma involving these issues.  I was then faced with these issues on my travels....almost like a test case had come along, in a relatively safe manner, to allow me to test how I would react......actually not react but act, in a more conscious and different way.  That the higher self, or 'unconscious mind' as some would call it, can so intelligently bring forward these unresolved shadows that I was completely unaware were still present and driving my actions when triggered by visiting a new place is just another reason why travel and carefully listening to dreams is so important.  It made me aware that in my own conversations with others, stories with this as its main theme had dominated the first comments I might make about experiences in other locations.

I'm entirely grateful to the richness of Cuban history and my dream life to have brought forward further shadows for release and healing.  


This also made me realise how the environment can deeply affect the type of dream information you might receive - get those dream journals up and running and bring them with you when you travel! Top tip: do a voice recording and write it down later, it's less invasive to sleep.

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