“Go and chase your dreams - you won’t regret it. Anything can happen if you let it.” - Mary Poppins

June 13, 2016


That was an eventful Vibe Nation  radio discussion on dreams and past lives.  The combination of the energy and my technology, which bizarrely began to throw me regularly off the connection , was really unusual.  And frustrating!  Why was it happening?


I have found that the universe will often underline its point by showing me something as I discuss it.  As irked as I was at being thrown off the connection during the radio discussion, I had an overwhelming feeling towards the end that it was a test.  It has taken me a number of years to truly develop the confidence in my dream journey, my understanding of the messages in them and the confidence to step forward to use this information to help others - partly because many  people do not hold dream interpretation in much regard, but also because I didn't understand how it could be of help to others.  I have felt really tested along the way, but now feel I've reached true belief in my own capabilities.


The past few weeks have seen a push for more people to step forward to share their gifts and lead the way with the particular talents they hold, particularly for carriers of the divine feminine, who may have previously have been afraid to reveal them. I felt when sharing this message that the universe would reinforce it by testing my determination to step up and keep coming forward with what I have to share, no matter how many times I'd be disconnected!  Each time left me literally in the dark as to what was being said, and whether I should continue if it was too disruptive.  I really had to show I believed in what I had to share by continuing undaunted....no matter what obstacles were put on my path.


Anyway, I'm sorry about the disappearing acts! All for a reason, as they say.  And as I felt that I must be some sort of 'Mary Poppins and outs', I suddenly discovered the quote above when I was looking for a picture to go with my blog.  Doesn't it just reinforce what I was trying to put across, AND also what I had to do to persevere and believe in my message and my own guidance.  We have to step forward and take action to chase our dreams, and we may be tested. Just keep the intent in vision and in your dreams. 


Now it just seems to make sense.


Sweet dreams.

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