Aries New Moon

April 8, 2016


Happy Aries New Moon.  Signifying new beginnings and the eruption of the Spring energy.

I dreamt I had a baby ram....on reins. It was so full of life that it ended up slipping out of the reins and running across all the roads, including a very busy one with many lanes. As I tried to guide it back to me, some miracle happened where all the busy transport slowed to a stop to create a path for it to come back to me Moses and the sea!


I see this as a good sign for the new Arian energy, the sign of initiation and new beginnings, after the heavy Piscean waters. Although it is new and very lively, I should obviously not try and control it too tightly, but allow the Universe for it to be guided safely. Like all dreams, this also had a parallel message for me regarding a significant other.  As you begin to listen more closely to your dreams, you will find they have many layers to them.  The meaning of each one may not be revealed immediately but it will become apparent when the time is right.


Happy New Astrological Year, may it bring you much happiness.


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