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Dream Soul Circle: Monthly Sunday Support group

Do you feel alone?

Are you experiencing overwhelming emotions?

Are you feeling doubt and confusion about your journey?

As this year progresses, the intensity of light is only increasing.

Most people are experiencing this in a variety of ways:

  • physical discomfort, fatigue and an inability to sleep,

  • illness,

  • crises and loss in family and friendship groups,

  • loss of relationships,

  • challenges and crossroads in working life, and

  • deeply held trauma which may not have even been previously acknowledged rising to the surface.

You may feel you have deeply reflected on these issues previously, but our healing journey is a spiral and more layers unpeel as we rise.

Not a single shadow is being left untouched, and deep ravines are being revealed for true healing.

Even for the most experienced soul traveller, these times are extreme.

Fellow lightworkers are being called together in unified circles to support each other initially during these potent energetics.

We understand that we are called to rise like phoenixes but this is not a simple journey, no matter your background in healing.

Transmuting trauma, although it can happen quickly, is not always possible when it involves undoing years of patterns of coping, adapting and having needs unmet.

I will be convening a monthly circle via Zoom.

This will be a safe healing space in which you can share any dreams you have received for guidance, where you can be heard and seen without judgement. If only being present to listen in is all that you can manage - that is enough. At times, facing our true, deeply held emotions, pain and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable can be overwhelming. Know that your heart and presence is valuable and needed; the voice will come when it's ready.

There will be a time to share anything that has come up for you in the circle, as well as share anything that has worked for you to support other attendees. There will be a meditation and set of affirmations based on the discussions.

If you are an energy healer, you are welcome to share this with the group, and equally, depending on the size of the group, intuitive guidance between those present will also be encouraged.

If you are based in London, you are welcome to attend this circle at a venue to be confirmed on payment.

Energy exchange £12, $15 USD, EUR13.

First circle will be held this Sunday 2 June, 6 - 7.30 pm GMT.

Contact, or DM me at Dream Soul Guide, Instagram and Facebook for payment details and Zoom link.