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Dream Guidance: Kingfisher

The kingfisher comes to you to remind you of the inherent power available to you within your dreams.

The highest wisdom is whispered to you whenever you are open to receive it.

The kingfisher is able to delve within the water to catch its food; just as dreams contain deep insights into your emotions, your past, the patterns that need to be released and healed, your deepest desire and fears, and can go beyond the ego's variety of masks, shields and uniforms.

It is time to connect more deeply to these messages for they hold the light showing your way forward to the path most truly aligned with who you are and what you are here for.

Dream messages are like a code. If you can listen, record and take time to reflect on your dream code, the messages will begin to make sense.

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.' —CG Jung

Jung believed that certain dream symbols possess the same universal meaning for all men and women in every culture through the 'collective consciousness', and indeed I have found this from my own experience to hold resonance. Jung had a dream encounter himself with Philemon, an old man with a white beard and the wings of a kingfisher, who was the archetype of the wise old man.

The kingfisher comes to remind you of this wisdom available to you here and now.

Code breakers during the wars worked tirelessly to keep people safe interpreting messages that were not for the ears of the 'enemies'. We find ourselves in a different type of invisible 'war'. People trapped by their own mind constructs, their own fears. Governments and institutions of power are very experienced in making use of this to maintain control of people.

We are being called on to become code breakers. These messages are crucial right now, as they contain treasure: of your deepest fears, of how these keep you imprisoned in a life not matching your highest potential and desires, and how to break free.

Every soul deserves the highest abundance: a life full of freedom, love, health, peace and happiness.

People have been conditioned and controlled to expect this is not possible. Indeed, if you speak these words, people often reply 'you're just a dreamer'. Yes, I am. And there within lies our power to break free from centuries of mind conditioning.

We are stepping into a new chapter. There is incredible amounts of light flooding the earth, and important messages and wishes granted for those willing to confront their fears and move beyond.

The kingfisher asks you to not let go of your highest ideals, dream and desires.

Picture the bird's iridescent wings and large, wise eyes in your vision before sleep and invite the kingfisher to bring the wisdom most needed now, in the highest good of all, during dream time. Ask to be woken on receipt of the information and record it - do not leave until the morning, it will be forgotten.

Begin the process of recording and breaking the code within your dreams. You are the highest counsellor you have. And you are being spoken to loudly in this present time.

Whichever project you are feeling you should begin aligned with your heart's guidance: begin now. It is important. We are preparing for immense times.

Love to you.

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