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As I sit down to write about the alchemical symbolism in dreams, I realise that symbols from the first two stages (of seven) within alchemy can be found everywhere in current events. And, if by example, I have just myself been taken aback by how dream messages can bring confirmations in amazing ways.

Last night I dreamt about finding books on caterpillars and butterflies and that I should say the Latin names every day and teach my children this. Today, I turn my mind to infusing alchemical symbols with the dream world using the Emerald Tablet - the original source of alchemy. It had been written in Phoenician but translated into Latin.

I turn to my website writings on the teachings of the Tablet and find my earlier words... 'Transforming dense matter to create a completely different way of being is a miracle we experience before our very eyes in the natural world around us. From the darkness of the egg... to the single minded world of the caterpillar which spends its entire time in the world of the physical and its pleasures; to cocooning in isolation, apparently without motion except to guard against threats to one of the deepest and most miraculous metamorphosis occurring within.... to the freedom and beauty of the winged butterfly. This involves a complete breaking down of the caterpillar's entire world and body. It literally becomes a soup in its chrysalis, all hard elements dissolved for transformation.'

I wrote this in January 2019. The use of the word 'isolation' stands out now. Never underestimate how harnassing your dream messages allows for your own insights. Balinas, thought to be the third incarnation of Hermes, a wise sage who became a learned soul after rediscovering the Tablet, advocated that souls should concentrate on raising consciousness so that all can experience truth DIRECTLY. I strongly hold that dreams, alongside meditation, provide you with that ability to experience truth directly.

As the world is put into isolation, and the calcination of ego (fever, death) begins, we can no longer run to our ego distractions so easily. Former constructs we and the world have put together as the 'way it has to be' are being dismantled in the blink of an eye. The ego's preoccupation with superficialities, such as how we look and dress and the material world, have largely been removed in a swipe. Now we must look to our inner resources.

Some have chosen to go down rabbit holes, in fact a symbol of dissolution. Those going down these rabbit holes are following conspiracy theories founded on judgement, separation and creation of further anger or revolt. The recipient of the anger can indicate where this same issue lives unconsciously within. We're all connected and when we harnass our power, we do not need to rely on imagery of 'White Knights' riding in to save us all. This scenario has kept us disempowered in the first place. Is the anger really charged up by our complicity inthe situation itself? Manipulation is easy if people are at the hands of their ego, because others can harnass this unconcious anger and judgement for their own ends.

The stage of dissolution requires complete surrender. Surrender to allowing all emotions to flow. To truly expose those deeply buried pains, fears, to let go of control, to break long held habits. Not spending energy on supporting that false self which is built up to face the world. And yet, there is caution in immersing oneself too easily in this state - losing oneself and sight of physical existence through addictions or other cover-all-guises will lead nowhere fast. This illness indeed requires us to surrender, we can but not sit with the present, particularly when ill. Anxiety rises when we try to stay in the past or present. If we can make peace in the present, then we harnass our power and we can let go of the ego's demands. And given the world of corona, isolation and deprivation of the ego's pleasures, isn't this where we've been forced to sit? Surely for good reason.

More information on the stages of alchemy can be found on my website, still work in progress… ©️

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