When your old world dismantles,

there is a new path ready to be followed

AWAKENING to new earth energies







I have been working with the dream realm and divination since childhood. The dream plane allows you to access information on your present, past and future. I can assist you with interpretation of a single, or a series, of messages, or coach you over a period of time.

Guidance can be brought through on current life situations in a variety of ways. Understanding synchronicities, patterns and messages brought to you through others, as well as the natural world, are a powerful tool alongside your dream counsel. Learning to be open eyed and hearted to these messages can support you in manifesting and living your best life, and fulfill your soul purpose. 

Developing your own understanding and dictionary of symbols will enable you to more easily translate the universal code around and within you. You will realise that the universe is always conversing, as is your guidance system. Ultimately we are in an earth phase where it is important for us to understand our own journey and tune into our own guidance. This ensures we never doubt our own resilience and trust that we hold a map. Even when we can't see the next destination. Our heart does.